230-20 on 3RD READING

The House of Representatives has approved the proposed 3.002 trillion peso national budget for 2016 which a minority lawmaker claims has over 750B in pork barrel in various lump sum items, 230-20.

the bill was approved on both 2nd and 3rd reading in the same session as it was certified as urgent by President Aquino. Continue reading


Makati Rep Mar-Len Abigail Binay says  her father Vice-President jejomar Binay won’t quit the Presidential race  even after the Ombudsman fired Makati Mayor Junjun Binay from office.

congresswoman Binay said their camp will seek a reconsideration of the dismissal order because it is their right. Congresswoman binay questionned the timing of the dismissal coming as it did before the filing of certfiicates of candidacy for the 2016 elections on Monday. Congresswoman Binay believes there maybe an order forthcoming against the vice president himself to stop him from filing and get him to withdraw from the race. Congresswoman Binay Believes the vice-president is the target of the dismissal order. Congresswoman Binay believes this is also to further lower the survey numbers of her father. congresswoman Binay believes the critics of her father is willing to violate laws just to get rid of her father  considering the vice-president is an impeachable officer.

congresswoman binay likens their situation now to a nightmare they are waiting to wake from.

Congresswoman Binay says in a worst case scenario, she will run as mayor of makati in her brother’s place. Junjun Binay is still entitled to one more term.

Congresswoman Binay says she has until december 10 to substitute her brother.