The House Justice Committee will  vote on whether the 4 impeachment complainys against President Aquino are sufficient in form by  next week—the first step in the impeachment process.

House Justice Committee Chair Niel tupas jr of the liberal party said each complaint will be subjected to a vote on the sufficiency of form. The complaints have not been consolidated.

The complaints center on the unconstitutional disbursement acceleration program, the enhanced defense cooperation agreement with the united states and the alleged pork insertions in the budget.

For their part the House minority has no stand yet on the impeachment. 7 members of the bloc however have endorsed the impeachment complaints.

Bayan Muna rep. neri colmenares said the impeachment is an opportunity for the executive to confront the issues raised against them. Colmenares is an endorser of the complaint filed by bayan.

1BAP Party list rep. Silvestre Bello says they will make a stand as soon as they have had a chance to study the complaints.

(sots colmenares and bello)


Minority lawmakers warned the administration party that it faces a revolt in its ranks over the matter of charter change—which the House of representatives  will begin tackling in plenary on august 26.

In a press conference and separate ambush interviews, members of the House minority spoke of liberal party members they refused to name, who are against the lifting of term limits. Continue reading



Minority lawmakers told President Aquino’s solicitor general Francis jardeleza to stay out of the deliberations on the government’s  motion for reconsideration over the disbursement acceleration program now that the chief executive appointed him as supreme court justice.

Jardeleza as solicitor general defended the government’s DAP in oral arguments before the court. Continue reading


Members of the Hyatt 10 disputed  a report that they arm twisted President Aquino into keeping Budget Secretary Butch Abad despite the fallout from the unconstitutional disbursement acceleration program.

Social welfare secretary Dinky Soliman, Peace adviser teresita deles and Budget Secretary Butch Abad dispute a report that the Hyatt 10 prevailed upon President Aquino to keep Budget Secretary Butch Abad despite the fallout from the unconstitutional disbursement acceleration program. Continue reading


The Philipine charity sweepstakes office doesn’t just help indigents.

PCSO general manager jose Ferdinand rojas says the  PCSO has a flagship individual medical assistance program or IMAP that gives medical assistance like medicine, laboratory tests, prosthesis and other procedures and requirements to those in need, rich or poor. Continue reading



On the year before the 2016 presidential election, the Aquino administration wants to spend around 832M on intelligence expenses., 637m in confidential expenses and around 14B in travelling expenses.

This is based on the budget of expenditures and sources of financing submitted by the government to congress as part of the proposed 2.6 trillion peso national budget.

The amount is the same as the intelligence funds of government for 2014.

The amount is broken down as follows. Continue reading


Lawmakers held out the possibility of holding chief justice Lourdes sereno accountable for the judiciary development fund.

House Justice Committee Chair Reynaldo Umali was asked if sereno was impeachable for the JDF. As chief justice, sereno is the sole disburser of the  JDF.

Umali said, “could be. for as long as disbursements made thereon constitute graft and corruption which is a ground for impeachment. There may have been betrayal of public trust and/or culpable violation of the constitution when the court usurped the power of the purse of congress, which the court recognized in the DAP case and in applying double standards of justice on its own judicial pork barrel otherwise known as JDF”

Justice Committee Senior Vice Chair Rodolfo Farinas for his part says  he “will officially bring to the attention of the SC matters that I have seen as a usurpation of legislative power and hopefully  it will address and resolve them according to jurisprudence. I will do it on or before Monday.”

For his part, house speaker sonny Belmonte answered in the negative when asked  the same question.

Sereno and her representatives skipped a House hearing on 2 bills reforming the JDF on Tuesday. In a letter to speaker sonny Belmonte, sereno felt that the timing of the hearing was inappropriate and had an impact on judicial independence. Sereno asked for time to consult with her colleagues.

Sereno was appointed chief justice after Renato corona was himself impeached by the House and convicted by the senate for failing to comply with asset disclosure requirements.

The hearing comes after the supreme court struck down in less than a year 2 alleged pork barrel funds—president aquino’s disbursement acceleration program and lawmakers priority development assistance funds.

The JDF is pooled from court revenues from filing fees and bail bonds.