27 critics, including 1 of his 2010 campaign supporters, have filed the 3rd impeachment complaint against President Aquino at the House of representatives.

The complaint for betrayal of public trust  and culpable violation of the constitution stems from President Aquino’s unconstitutional disbursement acceleration program. Continue reading


The Metro Manila Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council has passed a resolution recommending that all metro Manila mayors declare a clean up day in schools tomorrow July 17, 2014.
this was discussed in a meeting of the council today.
this was announced by MMDA chairman Francis tolentino however pointed out this is still subject to the individual approvals of the local chief executives.
the clean up day was proposed to enable local communities to clean up the schools for the resumption of classes. classes will be suspended in the areas concerned if approved by the local mayors. Continue reading


After the supreme court stripped President Aquino of his disbursement acceleration program and his congressional allies stripped of their priority development assistance funds, there are now talks of  the impeachment of supreme court justices and the abolition of thei judiciary’s development fund.

This amid continued talks of the president’s own impeachment  over the unconstitutional DAP. Continue reading