Bayan Muna Rep. neri colmenares slams the proposed freedom of information act consolidated by a technical working group from 23 bills and 1 petition for indirect initiative, pointing out that one of its provisions actually further restricts access to public officials statements of assets liabilities and net worth.
colmenares points out section 5, part of which states, ” that income tax returns, and statements of assets, liabilities and net worth of public officials shall  be released subject to existing laws, rules and regulations; provided further that the limitations and prohibitions to make available to the public the SALN shall not apply when upon order  of the sandiganbayan, it has been established that there is probable cause related to the commission of an offense.”
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House Speaker Sonny Belmonte says only 11 congressmen have secured travel authorities from his office coinciding with the upcoming boxing match of saranggani rep. mannny pacquiao.
belmonte however declined to name the 11. “nothing spectacular. 11 lang TA, others must have gone using regular passport as i would if i were going. much work so cannot go. would have wanted to give moral support to manny in addition to watching fight.”
Pacquiao takes on Chris Algieri in his match in Macau, China this weekend.
Pacquiao has continued his boxing career and started playing professional basketball even as he sits as an incumbent lawmaker. Pacquiao is one of the top absentees in Congress.

House Speaker Sonny Belmonte maintains he had nothing to do with the failure of the sandiganbayan to seize some paintings from the office of ilocos norte rep. imelda marcos.
“they came they saw they did not get anything. i was informed after the event.”
asked if Belmonte stopped the court personnel serving the orders, belmonte  said, ” we did not even know till after the fact. as far as im concerned we have nothing to do between Imelda and PCGG except to monitor for info purposes”
ABS-CBN visited the office of Rep. marcos on the 2nd floor of the north wing of batasan pambansa and spotted 6 paintings in the staff  area. rep. marcos however declined requests for interviews or to take footage of the paintings.
back in september, the court ordered the seizure of 8 paintings by european artists that supposedly included michaelangelo, pablo picasso and francisco de goya. the artwork were supposedly acquired with public funds.
the former first lady gained notoriety for her collection of shoes and love for art amid the poverty and corruption during her husband’s 20 year rule.


House Speaker Sonny Belmonte says his office is now studying the executive’s proposal for a supplemental budget for 2014.
this as Bayan Muna rep. Neri Colmenares slams the Executive’s proposal for a supplemental budget, raising fears it may just be used in the election campaign of administration politicians in the 2016 elections.
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1BAP Party List rep. Silvestre bello III will again file a resolution seeking to grant former President, now Pampanga rep. gloria macapagal arroyo furlough from detention during the christmas holidays.
” I’m going to ask again the Sandigan, to. . . I’m going to sponsor again a resolution appealing to the Sandiganbayan to consider giving the former President (GMA) a Christmas furlough so that her physical condition, her physical condition has deteriorated very very seriously.” Continue reading