Government and MILF peace negotiators agreed to work together to combat criminality and terrorism amid the deaths of 44 PNP special action force members on a mission to arrest 2 suspected terrorists in mamasapano town.

Both sided met again in an undisclosed Malaysian government office in Kuala Lumpur to thresh out the details of the first batch of MILF weapons that will be turned over to an independent decommissioning body as part of the normalization phase of the peace process.

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Government and MILF peace negotiators pressed on with the peace process amid issues of confidence building and questions of sincerity after the  deaths of PNP Special Action Forces In Mamasapano.

GPH Chairperson Miriam Coronel Ferrer said, “Malinaw kasi diyan alam natin may prublema di naman ito nagumpisa pagitan ng govt milf sumabog sitawayson nakaladakad nasama, nagdulot yan ng katanungan, kagustuhan ng marami pakita ng lahat pagiging committed yun yung isang malinaw na malinaw…Issues ng confidence building” Continue reading